Here are two boops

I think the duality of boop is a load of boop, but I figured I would at least show two of the many boops that I take on whatever it is that graces these boops.

BOOP BOOP! Story Time! BOOP!
When I was in high school there was this kid who had ADHD, but his parents kept him so overmedicated on everything that he was sometimes mistaken for a mentally challenged individual. We were in band together and when the band director was talking, this kid would stare off into space and often start drooling. When the band director would ask him if he was paying attention, he would straighten up and shout, "Boop, boop! Yes, Mr. *name redacted*!" And it was often hilarious because of the amount of drool that he had on his chin that would go flying.

This blog is in memory of his antics.

He's not dead or anything, I just think it's hilarious and like to remember that it happened.



This is the truest thing in my life right now.

this is literally me

I think it’s interesting to see the people who are like “this is so totally me,” but don’t acknowledge that she’s delusional about her life and her interactions with the people she supposedly cares about.

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if they put I hate gay people on it someone finna get cut tho 🐸☕️

I wouldn’t wear this. Not because it’s not true, but because it’s fucking ugly.

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this why they killed him

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I’m terrible.

What do you win if you got a black out?

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youradorablebeast is finding out if those things hanging off that guy’s belt are cockrings. Because inquiring minds wanna know. And by “inquiring,” I mean drunk.

Awwww, youradorablebeast is such a cute drunk. He just smiles and giggles and makes some really disgusting joke. I miss being his roommate.

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i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

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"the ice bucket challenge is stupid and it’s not really raising any money or awareness"




I mean, it doesn’t make it any less stupid.

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The Ice Bucket challenge is currently my favorite reason I don’t have friends.

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This is making my head throb

Wheres the sour cream on the paper? 🔎


It’s probably on the other side of the paper since the side with the logo goes on the outside…

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A tornado full of tumbleweed that is on fire. It’s as if satan is making an entrance.

I thought this was Supernatural…


A tornado full of tumbleweed that is on fire. It’s as if satan is making an entrance.

I thought this was Supernatural…

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hey guys remember when the american soccer team was out of the world cup and the new york post ran this cover


good times

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I just watched a video of my dad pouring a bucket of ice water on my step-mom that they put on the internet. smh.

I’m a thousand percent done with this school year already.

And it just started yesterday…